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If you are looking for a reputable place to develop your spiritual gifts with some of the best tutors from around the world check out our Academy!

If you are a professional in the spiritual field and are looking to grow and scale your business, & align with an ethical organisation we can help! Join as a 'Professional Member' & Get Amazing bonuses!

Think of us as your virtual business BFF. We're here to take care of all the boring stuff, so you can focus on what you do best – Sharing your gifts and talents with the world!

Sometimes it can be a lonely journey, developing your spiritual gifts or building a professional business with your existing gifts.

We recognise that at times you want support and guidance on your development or help to grow and scale your existing spiritual business.

This is why this unique concept caters to both.

The spiritual seeker looking to develop their gifts & the professional looking for an ethical community and business growth.

Sometimes it can be a lonely journey, developing your spiritual gifts or building a professional business with your existing gifts.

We recognise that at times you want support and guidance on your development or help to grow and scale your existing spiritual business.

This is why this unique concept caters to both.

The spiritual seeker looking to develop their gifts & the professional looking for an ethical community and business growth.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Developing spiritual practitioners. This unique development

& business building community is for YOU!

With S.A.I. you can say goodbye to

  • A Lonely Spiritual Development Journey

  • Trying To Find The Most Qualified Tutors

  • Struggling To Market & Grow Your Spiritual Business

  • Paying A Fortune In Stringing Software Together

  • Outdated Funnel Builders

We've got you covered

Whether you are new to your spiritual journey and looking for guidance and training from some of the best in the world, or already a working practitioner looking for help building your business. If you are wanting to be recognised as a professional within an ethical organisation then we can cater to you!

Spiritual Training

  • Access to Spirit Ambassadors International Academy

  • Monthly Masterclasses

  • Training Seminars & Retreats

  • Beginners Psychic Development

  • Advanced Psychic Development

  • Unfolding Mediumship

  • Advanced Mediumship

  • Public Mediumship & Platform

  • Spotlight Series - Luminaries

  • History of Mediumship

  • Consciousness - Altered States - Trance

  • Mediumship Demonstrations

  • Building Your Confidence

  • Audio Books

  • Sitting In The Power & Meditations

  • Affiliate Program

Professional Development

  • Everything included in the 'Spiritual Training' level

  • Professional Logo Package To Use In Your Marketing

  • Promotion In Our Professional Directory with links to your socials and website

  • Professional ads running to the Directory

  • Opportunity to run masterclasses & promote

  • Full Business Management Account

  • Unlimited Websites & Funnels

  • Calendar and automated booking system

  • CRM & email, text, voice-message automation

  • Online course creator

  • Social media scheduler

  • Fully loaded with pre built website templates

To join as a professional member please fill out this survey to qualify.

Our Recommended Professional Members

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Our Professional Members are the heart and soul of Spirit Ambassadors International. These exceptional individuals have achieved the esteemed Professional Member status through their unwavering dedication and remarkable expertise. They form a dynamic community of like-minded professionals, each contributing a unique blend of skills, experience and personality.

Explore our Professional Members Directory and witness the collective brilliance that defines our community.

The All-In-One GEM Marketing and Sales software is made for…

Coaches - Holistic Health, Business, Manifestation, Spirituality, Mental Health.....

...who want to manifest more time to focus on their business and automate their sales, marketing, and messaging.

Set up a membership portal, automated booking system & review system for clients.

Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists, Massage & Salon owners

...who would like to let go of a whole lot of marketing, sales and nurturing efforts.

Automate bookings & become more visible in search results.

Gather great reviews that automatically show up on your website or funnel.

Network Marketers & Global Business Builders

...who understand that having time to enjoy life apart from business is the true spirit of entrepreneurship.

Who want a fully created business system to reach global markets and duplicate easily for their members.

Eliminate the need to chase friends and family.

Psychics, Healers, Mediums, Astrologers & Spiritual Divas

...who want to keep track of all messages with an all in one communication medium.

Create their courses and share their gifts with the world.

Easily book in clients & automated that process.

Breathworkers, Vibrational Healers, & Yoga Teachers

...who want the flexibility that can be achieved by delegating tasks to GEM.

Automated reminder sequences booking calendars and appointment setting.

Women Empowerment Coaches & Retreat Facilitators

...could use a personal assistant software that collects payments, tracks client progress, and send reminders emails, and SMS.

Shopify vendors and conscious product creators

Who are looking for an automated fulfilment system, follow up, & automated reviews gathering & placing on your funnel and websites

Also the ability to keep a full CRM with automated tagging, notes and task assignment..

Homoeopaths, Nutritionists, & Naturopathic healers

...who want to let go of lead generation, closing and nurturing efforts without affecting their business

"Don’t allow the fear of tech block the vision you see for your future. Allow us to provide the all-in-one solution to bringing your vision of your dream business to life."

Our Recommended Professional Members!

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Spirit Ambassadors International Is Unique Because You Can...


Inside our Academy is some of the best development training you can get, everything from begginners development to professional level training. Plus monthly masterclasses, a huge range of audio books and videos on some of the best demonstrations from around the world.


From the comfort of your own home and without having to travel the globe, you can connect and learn from experienced tutors in the field from all over the world.


For the professional members, there is the added benefit of being seen to belong to a highly ethical and professional group. Get the opportunity to tutor, run masterclasses to the Academy and promote your own work. Also get the benefit of being in our Directory and get professional marketing on a global scale. You will also get your own software account with everything you could possibly need to run your business.


Creator & CEO of Spirit Ambassadors International

Janelle Campbell is the visionary CEO behind Spirit Ambassadors International. S.A.I. is a transformative membership dedicated to developing and honing the skills of mediumship, psychic arts and professional practices. With Janelle's vast experience and profound knowledge, this membership offers a nurturing environment for individuals at every level, from beginners to advanced and beyond.

After several years successfully developing her mediumship in Australia Janelle took her studies overseas to embark upon a programme of intense training on an international level, beginning with the renowned Arthur Findlay College, a revered institution, in the United Kingdom, known as the home of spiritualism.

She then moved on to the esteemed

De Zwanenhof training facility in the Netherlands and immersed herself in the teachings of world-class tutors such as Tony Stockwell, Mavis Pittilla, Lynn Probert and many others. With their mentorship, Janelle honed her craft and greatly expanded her abilities. During this five year period she had the privilege of learning alongside legendary figures like James Van Praagh and other exceptional tutors in Ireland, Europe and America.

As a highly regarded tutor and speaker,

Janelle's expertise encompasses a wide range of practices across the metaphysical arts field from the intuitive and psychic, mediumship, altered states, trance, healing arts, inspirational writing and so much more. Her comprehensive knowledge and compassionate approach make her an invaluable mentor for individuals seeking guidance along their own spiritual journey.

Having the ability to see potential, teaching has been her life's work. Janelle has built up a flourishing private studio, both in person and online, over many years. Her Development Circle's, Workshops & Seminars, Mentorship programmes and stand alone classes are always well attended by those willing to open their minds and hearts to take on the fascinating and ever expanding world of Spirit and Soul. Many of her students are now professional Psychics, Mediums and teachers in their own right. Janelle believes that to support and nurture anyone on their learning path is indeed a privilege, one in which, is never taken for granted.

Recognized for her exceptional abilities,

Janelle has been a selected tutor for Tony Stockwell's, Australian Academy Seminar Events, in 2019 and 2023.

Showcasing her dedication and ability whilst sharing her knowledge and wisdom, empowering others.

In 2020 she also served as a Master Mentor for Spirit's Voice, Inaugural Online Mediumship Summit; A convergence of master mentors from across the world. A testament to her standing and commitment in nurturing aspiring mediums and psychics.

Additionally, she's had the privilege of conducting online masterclasses and mediumship demonstrations alongside world renowned medium and master teacher, James Van Praagh, further solidifying her standing as a trusted authority in the field.

Janelle also comes from a highly charged business background

and knows that it is not enough to simply develop your abilities to a high standard but you must know the rigors of business and professional practices to work in today's quickly changing, highly charged environment. This is why you will find comprehensive pathways for business development within your Spirit Ambassadors International membership.

With Janelle Campbell at the helm of Spirit Ambassadors International you can safely embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth, as she guides you toward unlocking your innate spiritual and business potential.

Join the membership and experience firsthand the wisdom and expertise of a true luminary in the world of

mediumship and psychic arts today.

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  • CRM, Inbox & Smart Lists

  • Calendar & appointment scheduler

  • Two way text* and email conversation

  • Social media scheduler

  • 'Google My Business' messaging

  • Web chat

  • Reputation management

  • Facebook Messenger integration

  • 'Google My Business' call tracking

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Everything in the Gold Plus Plan...
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Full software access

Everything in Gold & Platinum Plus...

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Full Concierge Business Set Up

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Meet The Founder and Creator of GEM


Debbie O Mewes

Author, International Psychic and Spiritual Medium.

Founder: Spiritpreneurs | Global Entrepreneurs Movement

Debbie is the CEO of GEM Software & a Spiritual Coaching leader.

She has over 25 years of experience in the spiritual field as an internationally acclaimed medium, author, course & retreat facilitator.

Debbie has successfully managed to blend the business & spiritual worlds of conscious entrepreneurs with GEM software.

Debbie is of the strong belief that the material activities of sales and marketing tasks should happen with minimal stress and with ease & support so spiritual coaches can focus on helping the clients and bringing them relief.

Debbie wants to help you to stop losing your inner peace, while trying to help your clients get theirs. We help with the real struggle of stringing multiple tech together by providing a unique all-in-one solution.

Global Entrepreneurship Movement GEM software is a result of over 5 years of Debbie’s efforts to accomplish customised and automated sales, marketing, and customer support tool.

It's an end-all be-all CRM created by a spiritual coach for her fellow spiritual sheroes.